HumaniTea Review

Taste Test Of The First Ever Vegan Tea Latte In A Can!

Written by Guest Blogger: Laura Bundell

As a non-vegan, caffeine addict, I was apprehensive about trying these dairy free tea lattes. What would I do without my afternoon pick-me-up? Surely oat milk could not compare in taste with cow’s milk!

But I was longing to make a change towards a more plant based diet for both my health and the sake of the planet.

So try I did. Read on to find out how this Coffee Queen became a Tea Caffeine Convert!

Earl Grey Oat Milk Classic Tea Latte

The first thing I noticed with this drink was the beautiful fragrance as I lifted the glass to my mouth. I kept returning throughout to breathe it in. Light, airy and slightly citrusy, it was a wonderful smell.

I was surprised by the subtlety of taste, I have drunk Earl Grey without milk before and found it rather overpowering.

But here the combination of oat milk and perfectly brewed tea complimented each other and neither taste was overwhelmed.

I believe the latte would have been a much heavier drink if made with cow’s milk. I usually drink skimmed milk and the oat milk was lighter yet somehow creamier, I was genuinely amazed.

Personally I would not add additional sugar to this beverage as I found its sweetness already pleasing to my taste buds.

I would happily exchange this tea latte for a barista prepared iced coffee latte or a milkshake. Not only is it tastier I did not experience the traditional caffeine and sugar crash after drinking it!

Matcha Oat Milk Green Tea Latte

I had real reservations before trying this, I’ve had green tea before and actively disliked it.

I was extremely surprised to discover it had a mellow taste! It felt clean and fresh on my pallet.

The flavour of the tea was unobtrusive but added a subtle, earthy taste to the creaminess of the oat milk.

It felt like the perfect way to create a calming moment in the middle of a busy day. Eminently drinkable and easy going on the taste buds!

I would definitely have this drink again. The after effects were soothing but gave me a lift, it felt so healthy!

Both lattes subverted my preconceptions. Overall I preferred the Earl Grey because of its amazing fragrance, but I really enjoyed having the Matcha as well.

I’d highly recommend anyone trying these delicious teas, vegan or otherwise. There is no compromise on taste, in fact the oat milk is superior to my usual skimmed cow’s milk. I noticed no difference in my energy levels, and avoided a caffeine crash! Incredible!

Delivered to your door so you can enjoy them at home or on-the-go, these are the refreshments that will give you a natural energy boost anywhere.

With ethically sourced ingredients, infinitely recyclable cans and 5% of profits going directly to fund wellbeing and sustainability projects, HumaniTea has given us drinks you can feel really good about!