Become Plastic Free This July With HumaniTea

Many environmentalists have been campaigning for large corporations and everyday people to go completely plastic free, or reduce single-use plastics in our lives due to the harm it causes our planet. 

Plastic is not biodegradable, it can affect our health due to toxic chemicals , it ends up in our oceans and threatens wildlife, and it piles up in our environment as only a small amount of plastic is recycled.

With so many issues plastic causes, it’s a great idea that the whole month of July is dedicated to being plastic free. 


What is Plastic Free July?

The “Plastic Free July” movement started in Australia ten years ago, and now around 200  countries take part. 

The global movement motivates millions to help solve the plastic pollution crisis, meaning we are closer to having cleaner oceans and cleaner streets!

To take part, all you have to do is reduce or completely eliminate your consumption of single-use plastics. This can make a huge difference to the environment, and by giving up certain plastics for a month, you are more likely to start using alternatives for good. 

The main reason why this movement occurs in July is because of the sunny climate in many countries. Many go to the beach, spend time outdoors, and generally people like to be out in nature, so it is the perfect time to highlight the issues of plastic pollution.

Will you be part of the challenge? It is easy to join and there are many resources to help you. Read here to take on the challenge.


How Does HumaniTea Commit to Limiting Plastic?

Our products- Earl Grey Oat Milk Classic Tea Latte and Matcha Oat Milk Green Tea Latte have been bottled into recyclable aluminium cans in a bid to be environmentally-friendly and sustainable. 

We don’t use any plastic, even in our packaging! We want to commit to being a social enterprise that is focused on helping the environment and communities, so we ensure that we are plastic free, sustainable, plant-based, and natural. We even donate 5% of post-tax profit to fund sustainability and wellbeing projects.

It is important that many businesses do this, as it is corporations and companies that produce large amounts of plastic, greenhouse gases, and water that ultimately contribute to global warming and climate change.


Tips on Going Plastic Free

There is no pressure to go completely free of single-use plastics, but try to reduce your intake of disposable plastics and utilise reusable items. 

We have come up with some tips to help you limit your use of plastic this month: 

SAY NO TO PLASTIC STRAWS– you can make a swap and try reusable steel, bamboo, glass, or silicone straws. If you are out and about and are offered a plastic straw, ask if there is an alternative or if you can, just drink your beverage without one.

BUY SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS- Products that usually come in plastic bottles can be hard to avoid, but there are always great alternatives. Solid shampoo bars, compostable pouches of soap, and organic, plastic free tampons are great substitutes for your everyday essential items. 

REUSE SHOPPING BAGS- Many of us are guilty of purchasing plastic bags when we go to the supermarket, but why not invest in a tote bag made from materials such as nylon and cotton netting. They are washable, durable, and most importantly, sustainable! 

You can also view our Tik Tok here, which outlines why plastic free July is so important. 


How Do You Limit Your Plastic Use?

We want to hear from you, yes you, about the ways you try and cut down on plastic. Have you abandoned single-use plastic such as disposable cutlery, water bottles, and plastic straws? Have you gone a step further and eliminated most plastics from your everyday life?

Perhaps you take part in litter picking or find sustainable ways to live without plastic. Whatever you do, we would love to hear how you have reduced your plastic use. DM us on instagram @humaniteadrinks or drop us an email at hello@humanitea.co.uk