Make your own Bubble Tea at Home!

Originating in Taiwan in the 1980s Bubble Tea is an iced milk tea drink made with any kind of tea, milk, sugar and tapioca balls. It became wildly popular in Taiwan and now can be found worldwide.

The black tapioca balls are called boba, which is why Bubble Tea is sometimes known as Boba Tea. Boba is made from tapioca starch taken from the cassava root.

The drink is served on ice with a fat straw which allows you  to suck up the edible boba whilst drinking the Bubble Tea.

Would you like to make Bubble Tea? Read on for an easy peasy recipe and enjoy a relaxing tea break in the comfort of your own home!


Ingredients (Makes two large servings)

One Cup = 250ml/8floz

Black Tea / Your preferred tea

2.5 cups of water

2 tablespoons of loose tea (3 tea sachets or 6 tea bags)

Brown Simple Syrup

0.25 cup of brown sugar (you can use white sugar)

0.25 cup of water


4 cups of water

0.75 cup of boba

Frothy Cream

0.25 cup of double cream (you can use single cream if you like a less creamy drink)

2 teaspoons of granulated sugar

Step by Step Instructions

Brew Black (or preferred type) Tea

  • Boil 2.75 cups of water
  • Stew tea for 5 minutes
  • Strain tea leaves and allow tea to cool

Make Brown Simple Syrup

  • Stir the brown sugar into hot water until it dissolves (Use the remaining 0.25 cup of water with the 0.25 cup of brown sugar)

Cook the Boba

  • Boil 4 cups of water on your hob then add the boba. In two minutes, the boba will float to the surface. Cover your pot and simmer at a medium heat for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.
  • Strain the boba.
  • Mix the boba and brown simple syrup together in the pot. Let the mixture cool down until warm.

Prepare Frothy Cream

  • Lightly whip the double (or single) cream and sugar with a handheld milk frother for 10 seconds. The cream should thicken slightly and be pourable.

Assemble your Drink

  • Take two large glasses. Spoon half the boba in brown simple syrup into each glass. Pour in your chosen tea and top with frothy cream. Stir before drinking!

Top Tips for Making the Perfect Bubble Tea

Follow these six tips to get the best results from your homemade Bubble Tea.

  • Use filtered water (it tastes better!)
  • Loose tea or tea sachets make better tea (than tea bags)
  • Don’t make your boba more than one or two hours before consuming. After four hours they will harden and become inedible.
  • Add the boba to the glass whilst still warm, this way they’ll be soft but chewy in the centre.
  • If you roll the syrup around the glass when you add the boba, you’ll achieve the iconic “Tiger Stripes” – great for Instagram pictures!
  • You can prepare the tea, syrup and cream and keep them refrigerated beforehand. The cream keeps for 3 days; the tea for 4 days; and the syrup for 2 weeks.

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