HumaniTea X Go Inspire Wimbledon

What is Go Inspire Wimbledon?

It was founded by Marina Sardanopoli as she wanted to create a platform for women where they can build connections and be in a space where they feel seen.

They aim to fight against issues that mainly affect women such as; inequality, sexism, and judgement. This in turn creates self-esteem issues, and women may often feel lonely which can impact their mental health. 

Go Inspire Wimbledon aims to make a difference, and support women who may face the issues above. The platform provides professional advice and inspirational content to create a sense of peace and mindfulness amongst those who wish to join.

Events are held every few weeks, and they aim to promote wellbeing and creativity as a tool that can bring communities of women together! Female producers, artists, business owners and creatives can share their journeys with each other and support other women.

It says on their website that they want to make an impact through: “New friendships, feelings of belonging, new ideas/wellbeing, Self esteem, Empowerment and motivating thoughts, general health and mental wellbeing, New hobbies, new interests, new passions. Re-connection with your inner self. Support and women’s produced content through our YouTube channel.” 


Our collaboration 

On August 27th, HumaniTea teamed up with Go Inspire Wimbledon for the fabulous event “Art Pass”. The ticketed events were free, and showcased many things from the community including workshops, talks, networking, and community art! 

HumaniTea sponsored this event and provided Go Inspire Wimbledon with cans in both Earl Grey Oat Milk Classic Tea Latte and Matcha Oat Milk Green Tea Latte. Pictures are below which Marina has kindly shared with us! 










Interview with Marina:

Tell us about Go Inspire Wimbledon. When did it start and why was it created?

I started this local project in the height of the pandemic last year. I wanted to join a local women’s organisation that focused on connection and kindness, but I couldn’t really find anything suitable. I decided that maybe it was time to set it up myself and I started to develop the concept, made a business plan, and got myself into social media. It was really well received by the community and that inspired me to continue with this journey and make it a reality!

What kind of events do you organise?

We organise a variety of local events focused on creating meaningful connections through inspiring and relevant workshops and talks. We are also very interested in sustainability, so we set up an ECO fashion exchange where women are welcome to swap their clothing and accessories while making new friends.

Why did you decide to reach out to HumaniTea?

We became social media pals and it was like “love at first sight”! I support what the brand stands for, the delicious vegan alternatives and the overall look of the product. I believe the future is very promising for this business and having had the pleasure to meet Tina, the creator, I can say the whole idea, energy, and passion is what makes a difference! We want more women in business! You go girl!

What have you got lined up for the future?

We are hoping to get support from our council to set up our business as a charity and be able to open the first GO Inspire Cafe, where all women can enjoy a free space packed with fun and healing activities that will be shared with other local ladies, creating a strong community that sticks together.

What is the main goal for Go Inspire Wimbledon?

Our main goal is to empower women, fill them with a new light and hope, giving them the tools to heal and conquer, learn and be inspired, while also being part of a community of friends that supports them truly. We believe that together, we are stronger and we can change society for the better.