Happy National Bubble Tea Day!

April 30th marks National Bubble Tea Day, a fun holiday to celebrate if you are a lover of any type of tea. Here at HumaniTea, we love a traditional Taiwanese bubble tea, and this is what inspired our Chief Tea Officer Tina to create her Oat Milk Tea Lattes.

If you do not know what bubble tea is, let us enlighten you!


What is Bubble Tea?

Also known as boba tea or pearl milk tea, bubble tea is a Taiwanese sweet beverage made from any tea, milk, syrup and black chewy tapioca balls. The distinctive tapioca balls sit at the bottom of the cup, and can be consumed through a large straw that allows you to drink the tea while chewing on the tapioca.

credit: instagram @bobaorigin

The two most popular varieties are black pearl milk tea and green pearl milk tea, but there are so many flavours to choose from! Add fruit or fruit juices to the mix, and you can even add other toppings too to make your tea look even more unique. You can also serve it hot or cold depending on what you fancy!

Despite the look and shape of the tapioca balls, that is not why the beverage is called bubble tea. The true origins are from the appearance of the small floating bubbles that come from the intense shaking of the milk and tea blend. 


The history behind the creation

The origins of bubble tea have been debated, but we do know that it was established in Taiwan in the 1980’s. Milk tea was already popular in this country, as tea drinking has always been a common practice in East Asia.

Milk tea was a staple in Taiwan before bubble tea came along. It was typically made with powdered creamer which was brought in by American Foreign aid programs during the Cold War.

‘Boba’ has been essential to Taiwanese food markets since its creation many years ago, but now it has spread further than just Taiwan. Now a global sensation, bubble tea has gained momentum across the world- and has become extremely popular in the U.S.

credit: instagram: @chefmondial         

There are debates around who created bubble tea, but research has shown that it may have been invented in the city of Taichung. The owner of Chen Shui Tang tea shop wanted to change the way that people drank tea, so he and his employees tried different techniques to create something new.

One employee, Lin Hsiu Hui, claims that she invented the first bubble tea in the late 1980’s during a staff meeting. She had a traditional milk tea and decided to add tapioca balls to it. She told others in the meeting to try it and it was well received by everyone… and the rest is history.



The National Holiday

This unusual national holiday is very new. According to the “National Day Calendar”, National Bubble Tea Day was founded by an American brand called “Kung Fu Tea” in 2018.

credit: upsplash- Lisanto

They did this to spread bubble tea culture around the world, and now the holiday will celebrate its fourth year!

To celebrate in style, you can choose any sort of bubble tea you like. This could mean that you use milk tea, black tea, or fruit as a base and add as much ice, toppings, and flavours as you wish.

On April 30th, we encourage you to share the experience with whoever you are with. Go out and get yourself a bubble tea, and don’t forget to share your drink on social media and use the hashtag – #NationalBubbleTeaDay. 


How it inspired HumaniTea 

Our delicious Oat Milk Tea Lattes are inspired by traditional Taiwanese Milk Tea, after a Taiwanese mixologist invented milk tea that was made with cocktail shakers. This resulted in smooth, cold tea that caused tiny air bubbles to float at the surface. 

This is one of the steps required to make bubble tea, which creates the creamy texture that you can also taste in our HumaniTea lattes. 

At HumaniTea, we brew with actual tea leaves, oat milk, and ethically sourced ingredients to give great taste, natural energy, and no artificial flavours.

credit- HumaniTea

To make a healthier, easier and vegan friendly bubble tea, we suggest you use our tea lattes as the base for the tea, and then make your own boba and syrup at home.

Either one of our flavours- Earl Grey Oat Milk Classic Tea Latte or Matcha Oat Milk Green Tea Latte, will be the perfect base for your very own bubble tea!

Try out the recipe for yourself, we have made one just for you! Read here