Happy National Beverage Day

Another day, another national holiday, and on the 6th of May we are celebrating National Beverage Day! This means you can enjoy your favourite drink- whether it is tea, coffee, cocktails, a carbonated soft drink, or a glass of fresh juice. 

Beverages are consumed all day every day, and we have our favourites depending on the season, the occasion, and the weather. We all tend to enjoy a hot chocolate in the winter, a nice cold beer or cocktail in the summer, and a refreshing glass of orange juice with breakfast. 

There are so many ways to enjoy this holiday, and we recommend this year you try a completely new beverage! 


The holiday and the history behind it:

The 6th May marks National Beverage Day, but the exact origins of the day are pretty unknown. The earliest mention of the holiday appears to be in 1921, although it was then known as Bottled Carbonated Beverage Day. 

At this time, coca-cola was taking the world by storm, so the holiday was used so other beverage companies could try and get as much media coverage as possible. 

credit: upsplash- Melissa Walker Horn

They marketed their soda products as somewhat “healthy” and wanted to explain to consumers that their drinks were free from impurities. To prove that soda was a perfectly “healthy” beverage, one ad stated that their soda contained more energy than many foods and was only 157 calories. 

It is also unclear when Bottled Carbonated Beverage Day changed to National Beverage Day, but it may have changed due to an ever growing drinks market.

There are at least 15 different categories of beverages, including caffeinated drinks, alcoholic drinks, and barley-based drinks. It has been reported that tea is the most consumed beverage around the world, followed by beer… 



What to drink (HumaniTea): 

We must warn you- water does not count as a beverage, so try and switch it up for today and try something different. 

HumaniTea will provide you with that “something different”. The UK’s first vegan chilled

credit: instagram @humanitedrinks

tea latte that you can enjoy from a can, it offers something for everyone as vegans, those who are lactose-intolerant, and those who are leading a healthy lifestyle can all enjoy this beverage.

There are two flavours available- Matcha Oat Milk Green Tea Latte and Earl Grey Oat Milk Classic Tea Latte and both provide you with refreshing, natural, great tasting tea!

Even if you are not vegan or lactose intolerant, it is still perfect for you. Brewed with actual tea leaves and creamy oat milk, tea lovers will be amazed by this chilled vegan alternative.

Make sure your National Beverage Day includes a HumaniTea latte!


How to celebrate:

There are so many ways to celebrate National Beverage Day, whether you are alone or with friends. You can take some beverages on a picnic with friends and encourage them to bring different drinks, you can try making your own cocktail at home, or you can have a full day of drinking a variety of beverages! 

Whatever you decide, make sure to post your pictures of your beverages online along with #NationalBeverageDay.

Also, if you have a particularly favourite beverage, then keep an eye out for those national holidays! National Tea Day is on April 21st, and we have written a blog about it here. 

There is also National Have a Coke Day on May 8th, National Beer Day on April 7th, National Lemonade Day on August 20th, and World Smoothie Day on October 3rd. Make sure you don’t miss a single holiday, and keep celebrating!

credit: upsplash- Alex Loup