Celebrating World Wellbeing Week with HumaniTea

What is World Wellbeing Week?

Now it’s in fifth year, World Wellbeing Week – started by Wellbeing World – runs from 24-30th June and was “designed to offer a platform for individuals worldwide to celebrate the diverse dimensions of wellbeing”. From meaningful and purposeful work to financial security, physical, mental, and emotional health, social resilience, empathic corporate and civic leadership, community relations, and environmental care, there are so many aspects of wellbeing that we could focus on.


How HumaniTea promotes positive wellbeing

In a world where there are so many different drinks to choose from that could have positive effects on your physical and mental health and wellbeing, HumaniTea’s Oat Milk Tea Lattes fill a gap in the market where naturally cold brewed tea that was both sustainable and good for you was missing. We are now the UK’s first ready-to-drink vegan chilled tea lattes. Here are three ways in which HumaniTea, which in 2022 was listed as a Small Business Saturday Small Biz 100 company and our Founder Tina Chen was named in the f:Entrepreneur #iAlso100 list, can help you – not just during World Wellbeing Week, but all the time:


1. Tea is good for you in general

There are many ways that tea is known to be good for your health and wellbeing, including: having less caffeine than coffee but the caffeine it does produce releases slowly, having a number of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants – all of which our bodies need, and plenty of research shows that drinking tea regularly can positively impact your wellbeing. In addition, Matcha and Earl Grey teas have great health benefits of their own. For example, green and black teas, which they both are types of, are said to have neuroprotective effects like sharpening your memory and reducing the risk of dementia.


2. Oat milk is a healthy alternative milk

Oat milk has been proven to be a good alternative to cow’s milk and much like other non-dairy milk, has risen in popularity over the years. According to one study, “oat milk contains a good quantity of fatty acids, protein, minerals, vitamins, dietary fibre, and a variety of micronutrients and provides several health benefits, as it reduces blood sugar and lowers cholesterol”.


3. “Tea breaks” really help with wellbeing

HumaniTea’s motto “Me Time, Tea Time, Any Time” supports the fact that taking time to recharge helps you relax and focus, and with the all added benefits tea can bring you, tea breaks are not just an excuse to tear away from work for five minutes. They can give you an energy boost if tired, help you think better if you’re stuck, feel chilled if you’re stressed, and even – we have to say it – help your gut and bowel movements if you’re struggling. Our team aims to live by the motto by ensuring we take regular breaks in between work and find ways that work for us when it comes to looking after our wellbeing.


What our customers say about HumaniTea’s benefits

Don’t just take our word for it; we have more than 200 positive reviews on Google already and some absolutely love the benefits our HumaniTea drinks provide them and impact their wellbeing. Check out a few of them below.

“It’s a must-try for anyone seeking a delicious, health-conscious drink option.” – Mari Stella

“Both tea flavours are delicious – matcha is my favourite – perfect for a delicious natural energy hit on a workday.” – Chantal K.

“Delighted to find a natural energy boost, without a caffeine crash, in the form of a delicious tea.” – Dominic

“The oak milk brings creaminess to the tea, leaving your mouth with an amazing matcha taste. I feel healthy after drinking this.” – Pauline Leung

“An ideal drink before working out! Earl Grey is my favourite so far. A must-try!” – Franklin Liot

HumaniTea gives back for wellbeing

5% of HumaniTea’s profits help fund wellbeing and sustainability projects, such as our collaboration with Go Inspire, Cure Leukaemia and HALO Break the Silence project in the form of both monetary and product donations. We also regularly collaborate with similar wellbeing-focused brands like JIN JIN and Oatsu. Our upcoming vision is to continue doing this with more people, events, companies and charities, so if you believe we think alike and could work together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can improve wellbeing and sustainability together!


How are you marking World Wellbeing Week? If drinking HumaniTea’s Oat Milk Tea Lattes are part of your routine to being more mindful, feel free to share your images and videos on social media and don’t forget to tag us as well as use the hashtag #DrinkforHumaniTea!