Celebrate Organic September with HumaniTea

The month of September can only mean one thing- we go organic this month! Many food, beverages, products, and clothes are working towards becoming organic, and we encourage you to try and buy these items.

Organic farming and food does not use artificial fertilisers, they use fewer pesticides, no genetic modification, and it is better for animals and the environment as it is more natural.

There is a reason why there is a whole month dedicated to organic products! Keep reading and we will explain more about this month-long holiday…


What is Organic September?

Founded by The Soil Association, this month-long campaign aims to raise awareness of the organic farming industry, as it supports biodiversity and wildlife, limits exposure to pesticides, raises the standards of animal welfare, and helps fight climate change. In other words, it is the best way to produce food, but there is a long process when trying to be certified organic… 

Organic products have to meet strict regulations that prove how they have been produced and are then inspected yearly so that they match the standards needed. When buying organic, you are guaranteed to get the best-quality, sustainable products!

For any food or drink that is deemed ‘organic,’ 95% of the ingredients has to originate from organically produced animals or plants. It is different to the ‘natural’ label, as organic products are subject to legal regulation as stated above.

When looking out for organic items, find the Soil Association logo attached! They certify over 70% of UK organic food, so they are best trusted.


How is HumaniTea organic?

All of our ingredients are of quality, and they are ethically sourced, plant-based, dairy-free, low in sugar and good for the environment. We make sure that our customers are getting the best beverage they can, as it is healthy and provides them with natural energy throughout the day.

We are proud to say that both our Earl Grey Oat Milk Classic Tea Latte and Matcha Oat Milk Green Tea Latte contain organic ingredients!

Our Earl Grey flavour is made from natural ingredients made up of; water, oats, organic Rwandan black tea, and organic agave nectar. 

Our Matcha flavour is made from natural ingredients made up of; water, oats, organic Japanese matcha, and organic agave nectar.

The organic ingredients we source from other countries give an authentic, earthy, tasty flavour! We also love knowing that the black tea, matcha, and agave nectar we use come from sustainable, natural sources that are good for humanity (and HumaniTea!)

You can also view our TikTok here, which summarises Organic September and how we use organic ingredients in HumaniTea.


How to celebrate Organic September

First things first, celebrate all things organic! Food, drink, household items, and clothing can all be organic, so look into how to get your hands on these items. Organic produce is also nutritionally different, and shows how important the way we farm and grow food impacts the quality of our food. 

Shopping locally and independently is also a great way to celebrate Organic September. Visiting farm shops and local gardens would be so helpful, as you are supporting the local economy and you are more likely to be provided with fresh, natural and possibly organic items- and small businesses are much more environmentally friendly. 

As we said earlier, look out for any logos from the Soil Association or any other organic logos, and take time to research what you are purchasing. 

Go Organic UK also provides readers with resources including social media images and website banners, and you can download these digital assets here. Don’t forget, when getting involved online, use the hashtags #GoOrganic and #OrganicSeptember, and share what you are doing with the world!