Be proud of who you are this Pride Month with HumaniTea

What is Pride Month?

While Pride events can take place across the year, June marks the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969. This sparked the worldwide movement of Pride the following year with marches across the globe to fight for LGBTQ people’s equal rights. Pride Month was officially called this in the US in 1999 by President Bill Clinton.

Today, Pride Month continues to be a time to protest for continued and better rights in many places around the world and to commemorate those who have helped fight for liberation – and sometimes lost their lives whilst doing so. Despite many leaps forward for LGBTQ rights, stories we hear about today show there is still a need for protection, safe spaces and more understanding.


Being LGBTQ allies at HumaniTea

At HumaniTea, we’re all about bringing the drink that’s good for humanity to the world! Humanity is about showing understanding and kindness towards other people. Tina Chen, our Founder and Chief Tea Officer says:

“I’m honoured to be an ally of the LGBTQ+ CommuniTea! We aim to create a safe, inclusive environment free from discrimination where everyone can be their authentic selves. As a Taiwanese-American, I am proud that Taiwan is the first country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage. For Pride this year, I will be attending London’s Pride parade and look forward to celebrating and supporting the #WeAreEverywhere campaign.”

Our Founder and Chief Tea Officer Tina Chen celebrating Pride Month at a previous Pride event, holding a rainbow Pride flag and our Matcha Green Tea Oak Milk Tea Latte.

We are also listed as LGBTQ-friendly on Google.

5 sustainable or social enterprise LGBTQ-owned drinks brands to check out

At HumaniTea we are passionate about uplifting other companies that share similar stories, missions and values to ours, be they women-led, ESEA-owned, vegan, sustainable or other food and drinks brands. Here are 5 sustainable or social enterprise LGBTQ-owned drinks brands we recommend knowing more about.


1. Digby Fine English

Trevor and Jason launched the first Digby wines in 2013 after they decided they wanted to “put England resolutely on the oenological map and become the country’s leading blending house” when it comes to English sparkling wines. Digby Fine English wines – named after Sir Kenelm Digby to accentuate the heritage of English wine culture – have won several awards such as two at the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships.

Digby’s commitment to the environment is embodied in the closing lines of the Digby toast, replicated on every bottle they sell: “To green and pleasant, to England.” From the grapes and bottles to the foils and the corks, and from the wire hoods to the boxes, as well as the transport they use, they try to ensure sustainability and eco-friendliness in everything they do.


2. Exalt

Founded by Charlie and Dan, Exalt create tasty, nutrient-packed meal supplements and cold press juices handcrafted with the freshest ingredients, many of which are vegan and plant-based, including their organic protein range. Exalt’s products are perfect for workouts and performance due to the natural goodness in them.

Some of their sustainability initiatives include zero emissions delivery within London, adopting closed loop recycling methods, using 100% recycled plastic for their bottles and their bid to plant one tree for every order they ship.


3. LuvJus

LuvJus was founded by George and Owen following a Pride celebration in Tel Aviv in 2016 where the diverse community they had encountered there left them with the profound feeling that they’d discovered something truly special. But how to bottle the magic and bring it home? Well, coupled with the dilemma of not finding something they wanted to drink that wasn’t unhealthy or expensive – especially during Pride Month where some organisations slap on rainbow colours to their packaging and do nothing else – and “didn’t resonate with their euphoric experience”, they set to work creating their own alternative.

LuvJus are award-winning “alcoholic sodas” that are 100% natural, vegan and with no added sugars or preservatives, plus their cans are fully recyclable. Inspired by the global Pride movement, 5% of LuvJus profits are donated to LGBTQ+ charities and initiatives.


4. PROUD Beer

“The original queer beer for good”, PROUD Beer was founded by Ethan and Soren and may not be a large, multinational brewer, but they are increasingly popular among the community. They are especially popular with corporate organisations looking to support small, local (to Manchester) and LGBTQ-owned businesses who purchase their beer for Pride Month events.

PROUD has the LGBTQ community in its heart and soul and for every LGBTQIPA beer you buy, a direct donation of 20p goes back to their charity partners, including Diversity Role Models, LGBT Foundation and Terrence Higgins Trust. They also highly encourage customers to recycle or re-use their cans, helping to save the environment whilst making the most of said fabulous looking cans!


5. We Are Here

Based in Margate, Kent, queer-owned roastery We Are Here have simplified and set out to change perceptions of speciality coffee. Founder Em Herriott and their team have created four coffees: THIS ONE, THAT ONE, THE OTHER ONE and DECAF, removing the coffee jargon that some people might find too overwhelming when trying to choose what to have.

10p from every bag sold goes to Missing People UK or Gendered Intelligence if you buy a “QUEER ONE” bag. Some of their sustainable efforts include using code 4 recyclable plastic which they are looking to improve upon, sending waste grounds and chaff from the roastery to a fashion designer to make coffee leather, sourcing as much of their merchandise as locally as possible, and all coffee beans are sustainably sourced from passionate importers.


Celebrating Pride Month with HumaniTea

How are you celebrating Pride Month? Will you be at London Pride this year? If so and you see Tina, feel free to stop and chat with her! And please do share your images and videos on social media and don’t forget to tag us as well as use the hashtag #DrinkforHumaniTea! We’ll hopefully be popping up at future Pride events across the UK spreading love and humanity!