Bagboard x HumaniTea

Introducing a new collaborative project between Bagboard and HumaniTea! Two sustainable brands coming together to make the world a bit greener…


Story of Bagboard

Bagboard is a shopping platform which has a variety of brands that are sustainable in some way. There are so many options to choose from, as there are brands that specialise in clothing, food, drink, skincare, and hair products. 

Chosen brands will feature their campaigns on reusable paper smart bags, in a bid to replace single-use plastic bags. By downloading the mobile app, you can reuse your smart bag while you are out.

While you are out using your bag, the app will work out the number of people who have seen the bag and the campaign, and this means you will be rewarded in conscious coins!

The coins allow you to spend the money on products from the brands that Bagboard has partnered up with. By reusing your smart bag, you will also be helping to remove and recycle plastic that is found in the ocean. 

Isn’t it great to be rewarded for advertising eco-friendly brands? These are brands you can trust and they are helping to save the environment. 

Bagboard is solely based in London after CEO Ben came up with the idea in 2016 to rid the city of single-use bags. They hope to expand to other cities in the future…


Why has Bagboard partnered with HumaniTea?

We partnered up with Bagboard a few months ago as they are a business that fits our morals due to their sustainable branding. We have been in talks with them for weeks, and have hosted joint giveaways and now we have our very own Bag!

Bagboard chose to partner with us because we use recyclable packaging, we use ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients, and we use oat milk instead of dairy which emits less emissions and makes HumaniTea vegan.

As a sustainable social enterprise, HumaniTea’s mission is to give back to the community and provide people with a natural beverage with no additives and no caffeine crash. We donated 5% of crowdfunding to WHO and we are doing an event with ‘go inspire Wimbledon’ which is another social enterprise that supports the art community and women. 

If you download the app, you can earn coins by reusing your very own Bagboard bag! If you earn 200 coins, you are entitled to a “£2 off voucher” for any HumaniTea products, and if you earn 500 coins, then you can use a “£5 off voucher”.

Instagram Live 

Our founder, Tina Chen, spoke to Bagboard’s co-founder Ashleigh Bishop as part of Bagboards “conscious conversation series” on Instagram live that took place on August 20th- and you can view it here!

We have selected some highlights from the conversation that happened on Instagram live, and Ashleigh explains what Bagboard aims are: “We try to shine a light on amazing, sustainable brands and help consumers connect with those brands and earn spendage rewards back on those brands.

“Download the bagboard app and we will send a free reusable paper smart bag to your door, and the more you reuse it, the more conscious coins you earn which you can spend back on our lovely brands such as HumaniTea!”

Ashleigh also mentions that diversity is something that Bagboard prides itself on, and she revealed that 50% of the brands Bagboard collaborates with have female founders, including our Tina! 

The topic of conversation then shifted towards sustainability, with Tina saying: “When I think of sustainability, I think of something that is good for the environment, something that won’t damage the environment. It could also mean something around social impact, so I think it’s a combination.” 

“I think people are looking for brands that they feel good using on their own bodies, whether that’s through consumption or cosmetic products. You also give back to the environment, so it’s a win-win! 

“As a consumer, you make a purchase and it’s good for you, and it is good for everyone else around you and the environment, so I think a lot of people want products like this.”

Ashleigh also gave tips on how to be sustainable: “there are simple changes that people can make, like reusing a reusable bag, but also swapping to something like HumaniTea, a plant-based alternative, which can have a massive impact.”


What happens next? 

Bagboard will soon be distributing their reusable bags to independent retailers throughout London. If you have downloaded the app, you will soon be able to go and pick up your bags from other shops free of charge- which will be better as you can pick up their reusable bags in place of single-use plastics! 

Check out the app today and browse through your favourite brands. You will definitely be seeing more of this Bagboard in the coming months…